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Friendly UI

User can set the track back of any song when it is in the learning mode

Auto-Back-Track Looping

What Makes Lyrical Pro Different:

LyricalPro is unique, available to iOS, iPhone, iPad and Android devices experience a totally new, fun way to learn lyrics. It’s your very own personal digital voice coach. Lyrical Pro boasts an array of advanced features that set this App apart from competitors in terms of functionality and ease of use, meaning you, the end user, benefits from the best performing lyric learning app on the market. Putting the fun in, and taking the hassle out of learning lyrics with your own music library, sitting neatly in your pocket. Ready for use whenever you feel the need to belt out a tune!

Learning lyrics, the easy way:

The LyricalPro interface is designed with the user in mind. It’s so easy to use you may forget all the advanced technology that it possesses, but you certainly won’t forget how quickly your learning your favourite songs from your favourite artists! Have it your way, with lyrical pro you can customise it to be exactly how you want, save time pulling your hair out, sit back, have fun, enjoy the app and become a lyrical pro!

Lyrical Pro Features that matter:

To help you nail that rap verse, perfect your favourite Sinatra song or hit the high notes of Whitney, Lyrical Pro boasts an impressive feature set, unrivalled by any other App’s.
Auto Tracking, Auto-repetition, Video Progress Recording Synchronisation/Karaoke. to name a few. Never heard of Trackback? It’s the feature that makes learning lyrics easy. Play 20 seconds, go back 10 and repeat until you completely master the song. Want to record your lyrical progress on video? Lyrical Pro lets you do that, track your progress and see just how quickly you’re becoming a kareoke master!

Freedom to roam, everythings saved:

From the moment you download lyrical pro everything is saved in the cloud, meaning you never have to worry about losing your progress. Learn half a song or just nailed that verse you struggled with, then lose your phone? No problem, we’ve got you covered so all your achievements are captured, remembered and ready for you to carry on where you left off. Just log in again and everything’s there. All your songs are listed, your favourites are stored and song pinpoints synchronised, we are constantly saving your progress, which, with Lyrical Pro will be fast and easy!

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