Lyrical Pro FAQ

Can i record my progress?

Yes! With lyrical pro you can video record your lyrical progress, see how far you are getting, which bits are getting you tongue tied, most importantly, see how quickly you are mastering songs and becoming a LyricalPro!

How can I create Playlists?

You can create a LyricalPro playlist by clicking the + sign or long pressing any song, giving you the option to add to a new playlist, or a pre defined playlist you have already made. You can also use the star icon to add songs to your favourite playlist. It really is that easy in Lyrical Pro.

How can I delete any playlist?

Got a playlist you no longer need? No problem. Just long press on the desired playlist and click delete. Want to delete an individual song from a playlist? No problem, use the same method! We told you Lyrical Pro is the easiest to use, we weren’t kidding!

How can I sort lists?

Each LyricalPro playlist has two options in the header. Sort By & Sort Type. Simply select to sort by and then select a sorting type and thats it! Lryical pro, your very own digital voice coach will do the rest and automatically sort your playlist.

What are these lyrics settings?

LyricalPro is built for everybody, want a larger font, or different style? Here’s where you can change all that. You can also change weather lyrics scroll automatically and how bright you need the screen. Each user learns their lyrics differently and has different preferences, so take advantage of lyrical pro’s customisation options!

What are these pins on seekbar?

These pins on the seek bar are called favourite point pins, a unique feature of Lyrical Pro. If you like a specific area of a song, put a pin on it. Next time you go to that song you have the option to automatically skip to your favourite part! You can use up to 10 pins per song. Pins are particularly useful for mastering the lyrics for a difficult area of a song.

What are these range points?

We recognise that each user is different. Want to play a song within a certain range? Lyrical Pro lets you do just that, use the red and green points to find your desired range, the song will now play in that range. It’s that easy.

What is trackback?

Trackback is the main feature of Lyrical Pro and what sets us out from the crowd. It’s what makes learning lyrics, fun, quick and most importantly, easy. Trackbacking allows you to create a loop. For example 10 seocnds, the song will play 10 seconds, then go back 10 seconds, then forward 20 seconds, back 10 and so on. This amazing feature means you can master any song in no time, a completely new experience and industry game changer, that can make anyone a Lyrical Pro and kareoke fan favourite!

What things are being synchronized?

LyricalPro will synchronize a user’s playlist and favourite pinpoints of all the songs. So the user never loses progress or history.

NOTE: LyricalPro does not upload any of your songs, it uploads the playlists and favourite pin points for synchronization

Why are these stars in every song?

Lyrical Pro has stars on every song to provide a quick and easy method to add a song to a special playlist such as a “My favourites” playlist. Simply click on the star and that song will instantly be added to your predefined playlist.

Why I can’t see full lyrics of songs?

LyricalPro has two versions. Our free app is ad supported and allows each user 30 load lyrics. From here you can choose an ad free Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert or Ultimate lyrical pro package for a small monthly subscription. Unlocking up to 550 lyrics per month, with additional lyric purchases possible.

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